10 Best Blackstone Griddles and Grills Reviews

For Blackstone time-honored consumers, we are bringing you the most favored suggestions to choose your best Blackstone griddle of the year!

It goes without saying any further comment about the brand’s quality, durability, and versatility. Yet, these equal exceptional traits amongst their products can somehow cause you a headache to decide between.

Worrying no more but rack up your pet pick and enjoy a delectable grilling meal coming in no time with our top suggested contestants listed below. Scroll down for more!

Blackstone 1923 Air Fryer Combo – Best Overall

This adaptable, all-purpose cooking grill is much more than what you could ever expect in a grilling station. Considering its versatile usages ranging from stir-frying, sautéing, and searing to even air frying, we must say the product is a full package you should never miss.

The utmost remarkable feature to come of the Blackstone Air Fryer Griddle combo is the set’s three drawers. 

With that much space to store up your food, you can tell right once that it has greater capacity than a normal indoor air fryer. Capacity is no longer a problem thanks to two cooking drawers that can accommodate around a liter of food for each one.

The aluminum griddle covers are simple to raise and lower over the cooking surface, which is another plus point to showcase. Just like that, you don’t have to rack your brain about the choice of food to barbeque without burning them no more. Pick anything you wish, and that machine is about to handle them all!

Besides, its ingenious aileron-shaped construction also supports any precipitation to flow off the griddle surface rather than collect on the stove while it is not in use. There you go, gone is the fear of cleaning off the mess after the big feast.


  • Aesthetic high-end design.
  • Well-constructed.
  • Ergonomic and soft-touch knobs.
  • Solid platform.
  • Simple ignition.


  • Room underneath for air frying could be employed to widen the drawers instead.

Blackstone 1984 Original – Best Value For Money

Before they come up with their best version, some items must undergo years of refinement. However, that’s not the case with Blackstone 1984, when its original griddle was already nailed the first time perfectly.

It is their biggest model and features a massive 768 square-inch cooktop on a powder-coated, rust-resistant frame. The station has a versatile temperature zone created by four independently regulated stainless steel burners for the perfect finish on various meals, including vegetables, steaks, and pancakes.

This Blackstone is also simple to use and has two wide side shelves and a sizable lower shelf for supplies. A towel hook, paper towel holder, and a magnetic strip to keep your tools are all available as a full-package service.

The electrical ignition is neither something you should worry about when it comes to this model. The 60,000 BTU output offers rapid heating without wasteful propane use to assure you a quick start.

There is only one heed you should note as a notion. Seasoning the cooktop may appear to be a must before preparing your first meal. Yet, once it’s done, a little scrape will make it sparkle again.


  • Simple and quick to clean up.
  • A lot of heating capacity.
  • Very good value for the money.
  • Large grilling area.


  • No grill cover is provided.

Blackstone 1825 – Best Fit For A Restaurant Serving

If you are looking for a wonderful power barbecue fit for a restaurant, look no further but opt for the Blackstone 36′′ Griddle Cooking Station equipped with an Accessory Side Shelf that has up to four separately regulated heat zones!

It is always the look that catches our first impression. 

For this model, it is not only its professional appearance, but the most elegant trait also lies in the incorporated unique rear grease control system that keeps your workspace immaculate. As a result, you can indulge in an even more luxurious outdoor cooking experience.

Sounds like an exquisite decoration for whoever is into a delicate touch in their beloved cooking territory, but this Blackstone model is way more than that.

This grill station can also lend you a helping hand for any event your family is holding. Thanks to its punch-out, cutting board cabinet for storing your cooking gear, pizza wheel, and so on, feel free to add as many diversities to the party as you wish!

Cooking effectively without worrying about generating an oily mess now could only be a breeze as a revolutionary back grease monitoring system on the Blackstone 36 griddle gathers oil away from the cooking surface.

As such, no obstacle will be insurmountable when you have 60,000 BTUs at your disposal and are in charge of every dial on both sides!


  • Fit for a restaurant serving.
  • Generate wonderful griddle taste.
  • Reasonable pricing of the establishment.
  • Dependable and sturdy cooking.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • The grill has too much grease, which might be a problem.

Blackstone 1962 Air Fryer Combo – Best Convenient Serve

As we walk through their performance overall, many may reckon some certain functions shared between 1962 and its fellow, the 1825 model.

The only concrete distinction between these two contenders is perhaps the smaller-sized grilling surface of 1962, which is a mere 524 sq.in but still functional enough to conduct all the tasks, ranging from baking to sautéing. 

Based on their similar operating traits, it is not hard to perceive that what this grill delivers is just as superb as its companion.

The competent capacity of the Blackstone, once again, stands out in this version. You can cook everything in its one big 2-quart air fryer no matter which ingredients your dish includes, eggs, chicken wings, or even veggies.

Let’s say you want a hot, mouth-watering fried for immediate serves. Ease indeed is what we refer to the cooking process with this multipurpose station equipped with the air fryer’s temperature monitor knob of up to three levels which vary between 300°F and 475°F. 

All you have to do is cook your fries and cool them down by dropping them into the next-to basket to feed yourself whenever you feel ready!

Guess what? The same unique back grease trap is also included with the 28″ griddle station to collect all liquids and grease. That’s how you can steer clear of those unwanted messy chaos happening every single time after your barbecue.


  • Durable and persistent to splatter.
  • Practical grease system helps handle the mess.
  • Spacious air fryer’s cabinet.


  • The grilling surface can be bigger.

Blackstone 1883 – Best Two-Burner Griddle

This griddle is another one of the Blackstones that should be at the top of your list if you are seeking a station capable of making a bundle of food without consuming hours suffering from stink smoking.

It does not matter whether you are preparing a meal for a whole extended family or a banquet at home. That 28-inch cooking surface allows you to quickly set up everything.

The two chief burners supporting the electric ignition system are also another light spot of the model. Both of them feature adjustable heat zones that can offer a wide adjusted flame to cook your steaks exactly how you want, whether they are juicy or well done.

Furthermore, an electric ignition system of the product also lessens the burden of starting these burners. All you need is merely a press of one button, and you are working on the grill!

It is not yet mentioned the incredibly high BTUs in this Blackstone station, which ceases at 34,000, the number we can barely see in a two-burner griddle. So even with dishes that require extremely high heat, grilling the delectable feast won’t be much of a problem.


  • Large cooking surface.
  • Versatile usage for multi-purposes.
  • An electronic ignition system helps ease the starting process.


  • Poorly designed grease monitoring system.
  • Unhandy to move around. 

Blackstone 1517 – Best Heat-Persistent Griddle

Blackstone’s 28-inch griddle has become sought-after among consumers thanks to its rapid servings to please every member of your entire family. 

The secret lies in its persistent and even heat distribution. Depending on the needs of the meal, both high and low flames can all be feasible for cooking an adequate party. 

The combined BTU output of the two burners on this Blackstone griddle is 30,000. Each has 15,000 BTUs, so you never run out of heat even in the coldest conditions.

Many would find its modest grilling surface a deal-breaker, which is only 470 sq.in. Nevertheless, this does not imply that the grill is of poor quality.

For those who prefer compactness, the 1517 even comes with the advantage of saving a lot of room in your living space, thus making it less time-consuming to move them around from one place to another.

Although the station only accompanies two stainless steel burners, that little amount is still quite acceptable as long as you keep the size of the cooking surface in mind. That way, these two burner buttons create heat zones that may be adjusted to meet different demands. 


  • Quick starting
  • Outstanding heat distribution
  • Easily portable


  • No method to change the level of the grill.
  • The stovetop surface may develop some hot spots.

Blackstone Tabletop Griddle 1666 – Best Compact Tabletop

This Blackstone griddle is more transportable and simpler to store when not in use because it can be used on any table or grassy area with no bulky legs. This compact tabletop grill measures only 22.5 x 19 x 9 inches.

Despite its modest size, multipurpose flat-top grill with you when cooking outside or while camping in the woods. You can bring it anywhere you go because of its modest size, including fishing, tailgating, pool parties, and more.

There is only one inconvenience: you must set it up on a table or other flat surface at your campground or park because it lacks stands and wheels. Thankfully, the barbecue only weighs about 30 pounds, making it quite simple to transport.

Because the griddle has two independently regulated heat zones, you can cook pancakes and bacon on opposite sides of the pan. Additionally, the surface can accommodate two pieces of fish, five hot dogs, four to eight hamburgers, and various vegetables.

You can prepare several things at once thanks to its 339 square inches of cooking surface. At 24,000 BTUs each, the two burners are strong enough for family cooking requirements.

The two “H”-shaped burners promote consistent cooking by dispersing heat. You can cook food at various temperatures individually on each burner since they both have built-in ignitors and can be adjusted separately.


  • Versatile with multiple uses.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Fuel-saving.


  • The high and low settings of the burners don’t show much of a difference

Blackstone 1853 – Best Fuel Saving

Once you give this Blackstone griddle 1853 a try, chances are you will never look back at your old BBQ or grill for its fuel efficiency and ease of use! 

By using the battery-powered push-button ignition on this grill, saving the headache of kerosene, charcoal, and matches has also never been that straightforward. This way also cuts down a noticeable amount of fuel needed to ignite the grill.

Aside from that, you can start cooking immediately thanks to how simple this grill is to operate and put together. All to do is a single button push, and your griddle is ready to use.

Despite those remarkable features, many claim that this station’s version does not feature the griddle legs locked into the base and thus can trigger a safety issue to carefully keep it stable while in use.


  • Large surface to handle multiple-dish cooking.
  • Stores effortlessly with a heavy-duty, rain-resistant cover is an optional feature that lets you preserve the unit outside.
  • Come with a side shelf to place a chopping board and a holder for a garbage bag.


  • The griddle legs should have a secured lock for safety issues.

Blackstone 1963 Pro – Best For Outdoor Grilling

With our range of top culinary stations, elevating the outdoor cooking journey is no longer beyond your dream!

You may cook various foods on this propane griddle, including steak, stir-fry, and pancakes. The side burners’ unparalleled adaptability expands the range of foods you may prepare. 

The best part about it is this heavy-duty griddle’s excess 613 square-inch cooking surface can accommodate a family of ten and as many guests as you bring. Its separately regulated burners allow you to cook many items at once without burning anything. That’s how you can throw a party in the back yard with no hassle.

Plus, any patio will look excellent with this BBQ griddle. Two side shelves that serve as prep stations, a paper towel dispenser, a trash bag holder, a kitchen outside your kitchen, and a storage cabinet with a hanging rack for spices, cleaning supplies, and other kitchen equipment.

Everything is at your fingertips, and you don’t need to go back to your kitchen to take anything when grilling outside.

What’s more, the temperature of each burner can be set independently so you can cook a variety of items simultaneously. The stainless steel and painted grilling-styled hood retains heat, avoids splatters, and maintains the working surface clean even when not under grilling.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Extra large cooking surface.
  • Prep, cook, and store compatible in one compact place.
  • The lid can minimize smoke


  • The assembling process may be a bit difficult.

Blackstone 1666 – Budget Choice For Small Families

Have you made a decision after taking a glimpse at our list of grill possibilities above? If not yet, we suggest you have a look at the last but not least item. 

With this Blackstone 1666 heavy-duty flat grill station’s stainless steel build and numerous features, it will undoubtedly attract your attention without digging deep into your pocket.

This product features a 22″ tabletop griddle. That means in a single culinary batch; you may prepare crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes, and crunchy hash browns. This is more than enough for a small family, say 3-4 members.

Better yet, it won’t take up much room in your garden to fit this Blackstone barbecue. With dimensions of 22.5 x 19 x 9 inches, it is a compact grill. Isn’t it ideal for those wishing to install a barbecue in a tiny area?

As such, the item weighs surprisingly only around 32 pounds. You may relocate it to anywhere you wish to cook effectively, whether that’s in your garden or outside.


  • Convenient Size to fit in any space.
  • Compact design.
  • Versatile


  • Igniters eventually lose their effectiveness.
  • The flame might not be strong enough for certain dishes.

Blackstone Griddle Buyer’s Guide

Cooking Area Vs. Size

How much room you have available is one of the most considerable concerns in purchasing a suitable grill. Let’s say it’s frequently a large group of people you plan to serve meals to; then a spacious grilling surface will match your need the best.

The question here comes: Which dimensions are big enough for your family and which are not?

It’s simple! For small-sized families, a tabletop grill lying somewhere around 17 inches will come as the perfect bet. Such a modest surface may not be able for you to get many dishes ready, yet it is pretty much compact as a touch-up for your cooking area.

If this size does not yet reach your expectation on a portable but equally functional griddle, a Blackstone grill top with an offer of 28 inches promisingly will not let you down. 

Otherwise, you can also go for a 36-inch one if neither mobility nor convenience is what you are looking for, but a grilling machine can serve up to over 8 people at once.

Number Of Burners

The burners’ number may sound like nothing as a big deal, but it actually is what matters greatly when purchasing a griddle.

For those whose intended grill use is within the household, griddles with 2 burners appear just fine since you won’t employ them on a daily basis anyway. 

The whole story differs as your frequency of using the grill multiplies to another extent. If that’s the case, a 4 burner is always at the top of our suggestions to offer you the most fulfilling BBQ grill experiences.

So be sure to pick in accordance with your demands and expectations, taking into account both crucial elements like the total cooking space and the number of burners the product provides.

Dimensions & Weight

Many of us may persist in our habits of just neglecting those confusing figures of the product’s specifications whenever we can, thinking that they are nothing important to look at. Let me tell you something: Don’t!

The first major reason is that, in this case of buying a grill, the superb one will normally come with a heavyweight. 

Yes, we know how annoying it is to make room for such a huge gadget and sometimes even have to relocate it from place to place in your house. That is why you should always ask yourself whether you will use it for cooking in the backyard or outside before making any purchase.

Once your mind is clear, we are sure that obtaining the most appropriate Size may then be in progress with ease only.

You also need to be aware of the available space for the Size of the one you are leaning toward. Needless to say, you shouldn’t choose a huge cooking station if your backyard is just ceasing at a little capacity to contain it.


Another perspective you should take a look at shopping for a griddle is BTUs, so-called British Thermal Units. This is the measurement used to gauge the amount of energy required to elevate one pound of water’s temperature by one degree Fahrenheit. 

Griddle burner heating times vary based on the amount of energy they consume. The longer the heating duration of the product is, the more power it generates, which also means the higher BTUs that the griddle comes with.

It works the same the other way around. That is why a smaller burner warms up more slowly, thus consuming less electricity than a larger one. As a result, whether your griddle pick is a success or not depends pretty much on the dish you are preparing.

For foods that need to cook quickly, such as waffles or pancakes, a trivial griddle will have all the tasks done splendidly without failing your expectation. But for high-heat foods like stir-fries? More BTUs are surely much in need compared to the amount for low-heat foods like omelets.


Last but not least, it is undoubtedly the price that should never be out of the scope of sorting out your ideal Blackstone griddle.

With such a wide range of supplies in the market nowadays, narrowing it down to the top griddle grills, which are both budget-friendly and decently serviceable, is tough. Luckily, Blackstone can give you a treat that no other brand could have to offer!

Picking one practical enough for your pocket money should not be a big deal looking at the collection we outlined for you above. Now, the rest is merely gathering yourself together and going shopping for your preferred choices!


Due to their mobility and adaptability, Blackstone grills are growing in popularity. Those who enjoy grilling breakfast, hibachi, and hamburgers outside are moving to Blackstones from conventional barbecues.

However, it might not be easy to get yourself the best Blackstone griddle amongst the vast market it offers. So if you’re considering purchasing one, it’s important to weigh your alternatives. 

As for our top recommendation, the Blackstone 1923 Air Fryer Combo is the finest because it is simple to assemble, has a big cooking surface, and is straightforward to operate.

Hopefully, this article can be of great help to you. See then!

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