How Do You Cook Bacon On A Blackstone Griddle?

Cooking bacon is an easy task for everyone, especially when it’s done with a Blackstone griddle. Do you know all the tips to cook bacon on Blackstone griddle? If not, this article will provide essential guidelines to make a delicious bacon dish for your meal.

Cooking bacon is not difficult, but making a strip of scorched bacon outside but the juicy inside needs more than just putting it in the griddle.

Before making a bacon dish, let’s scroll down to learn how you prepare and set up the Blackstone griddle!

Ingredients & Tools You Need 

Cook Bacon On A Blackstone Griddle
Bacon Is A Popular And Tasty Food

The most important ingredient is a pack of your favorite bacon, with or without seasonings. Bacon gives out a huge amount of fat while cooking, making your food greasy, so you may need oil-absorbing papers to absorb this fat. 

You can prepare tongs to pick up bacon strips from your griddle and a beautiful white plate or any plate you have on your countertop when the bacon is completely cooked. You can choose a big or small plate depending on the number of bacon.

How To Cook Bacon On Blackstone Griddle?

First, turn on your Blackstone griddle and preheat it to 350-400°F, then place bacon on the griddle to ensure they do not overlap. This will make the bacon strips cook evenly. 

For each side of the bacon, let it cook for 4-6 minutes until it reaches your ideal crispness. Remember to flip the bacon to avoid burning. When you see the bacon having a deep-brown color and smelling good, use oil-absorbing paper to reduce the fat from the bacon. 

Also, you can add seasonings to make the dish taste stronger. Otherwise, if you buy seasoned bacon, this step is unnecessary.

I usually use a paper towel to remove excess grease from the bacon before eating. Enjoy your perfectly cooked bacon!

How Do I Know When Fried Bacon Is Done? 

Flip Both Sides To Make The Bacon Cook Well

Generally, when the bacon is completely grilled, it is crispy and browned. The bacon strips are still raw if you see any pink areas on both sides.

You can cut the bacon or press it down to test its firmness because it will release a great amount of fat and shrink in size when cooked. Avoid cooking the bacon for too long, as it will become tough to eat.

Tips For Cooking Bacon On Your Blackstone Griddle 

Set Bacon In Room Temperature

If you put the bacon in the freezer, take it out for a half hour before cooking, so it can defrost slowly at room temperature and be well-cooked. You should not place frozen bacon immediately on the griddle, as this can make bacon cook unevenly. 

Gradually Flip Bacon’s Sides

Another tip to make a perfect bacon dish is to flip each side of the bacon during the cooking process so that the bacon strips can be cooked evenly.


Time Is An Important Factor To Cook Bacon Perfectly

How Long To Cook Bacon On Blackstone Griddle?

Cooking defrosted bacon is fast, which takes about 4-5 minutes, or 5-6 minutes if the strips are thicker. Avoid using frozen bacon because it takes a long time to cook well.

What Temp Do You Cook Bacon On A Blackstone Griddle?

Our recommendation for making a tasty bacon dish is to set your Blackstone griddle at 375°F or high-medium heat. At this temperature, you can cook eggs and other breakfast ingredients simultaneously to save time.

Why Is My Bacon Sticking To My Blackstone Griddle?

Several factors can cause stickiness on your Blackstone griddle, but the most common reason is that you leave the griddle dirty after cooking. 
When too much oil or fat accumulates on the Blackstone griddle and you forget to wash it carefully, the bacon and other food can stick to the griddle’s surface.

How Do You Keep Bacon From Sticking To Blackstone?

To keep the bacon from sticking to the Blackstone, clean the flat-top griddle with soap, water, and a scouring pad to wash all the dirt, oil, and fat after cooking.
Moreover, spray some oil before cooking the bacon to give the griddle a smooth surface to prevent stickiness. 

Do You Oil Blackstone Before Cooking Bacon?

You can add oil to the Blackstone griddle to make its surface slippery for cooking bacon. However, use a little oil because bacon releases a great amount of fat, which makes your dish quite greasy.


Our article has shown you how to cook bacon on Blackstone griddle properly to make a tasty bacon dish. Setting the right temperature and time on the Blackstone griddle is key in making your bacon soft and juicy. 

You can cook it with or without oil to smooth the griddle’s surface and avoid stickiness. However, we advise you to use a small amount of oil as bacon has a lot of fat, which is not good for your health. 

Hopefully, with our detailed guidelines, you can use the Blackstone griddle easily to cook bacon and other delicious dishes.

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  1. Soap, water, and a scouring pad on a cast iron griddle? Are you crazy? If food is sticking the griddle is not properly seasoned.


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