How To Cook On A Blackstone Griddle: Starter Guide!

Blackstone is a company that offers a square flat griddle that knows the grill on the market. Blackstone is known and trusted year after year. 

The versatility of this grill is outstanding. You can cook tuna steak (like this one), eggs, salmon, turkey, burgers, vegetables, pancakes, and fried rice. This cooking appliance can hold a variety of foods.

Outdoor varieties are a great alternative to conventional grilling with a grill. It also impresses with its simplicity and portability, making it durable, damage-free, and great for cooking away from home. 

It’s no surprise that Blackstone Tabletop Grill has become one of the most loved grills. So, how to cook on a Blackstone griddle? The following article will help you have a detailed look at each stage of cooking and the questions that new users often ask.

What Is a Blackstone Griddle? 

The Blackstone Grill is a flagged shipboard grill from Blackstone products built to be reliable and versatile and offers the best outdoor cooking experience. 

The Blackstone comes with four independently controlled burners. It means you have four cooking zones on the grill. The great thing about the burners is that they work like a regular stove; you can use them at once or make adjustments on one of the burners.

The rather large surface allows you to cook for many people. This oven size can handle barbecues or barbecues and any other backyard event. 

How To Use A Blackstone Griddle

A Blackstone griddle

Preparation: Griddle accessories & Tools for beginners

A top-quality grill accessory can meet all of your backyard grilling needs:

  • One cast iron barbeque press
  • One big griddle spatula: Spatula to beautiful beef or chicken pieces are the most effective tools you’ll need. A large spatula could quickly stir or relocate the food, resulting in more crispy and delicious food.

Some griddle spatulas

  • One huge perforated spatula
  • One hamburger turner: Typically used to stir-fry grain or other foods on blazing hot iron plates, it can cut pizza and burgers. It can also serve as a grill pan cleaning scraper. Anything burned on a grill may be shoveled away with a sharp blade.
  • One food tong
  • One dough scraper: Be ideal for cookie dough cutting and accurate measuring modules in the home kitchen and backyard barbecue.
  • Two squeeze bottles: Designed with a scale, it can store various seasonings such as chili oil, ketchup, soy sauce, and so on. The top lid has an anti-leakage design that can prevent spills and leaks.
  • Four egg rings: Crush a variety of eggs or place them inside. Portable egg rings can be used to create a heart or round eggs.

Two basic kinds of egg rings

A complete set of barbecue accessories is in a convenient storage pouch.

All grilling parts are non-toxic, odorless, heat-resistant, durable, and have high-temperature resistance components. All cast steel griddle accessories could be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Before Cooking

As for the brand-new Blackstone grills, they are usually pre-reinforced to protect the grill from scratches and harsh elements during shipping. After assembly, clean thoroughly to remove factory paint and add a stronger seasoning.

Washing with soap will also help remove debris and dirt during manufacturing and shipping.

Wash the device with soap first

We are leaving the food empty when operating is very dangerous, causing power consumption and the non-stick coating on the grill to be destroyed, thereby affecting the durability and life of the grill.

It is also a note when using other household appliances in the family. Placing too many household appliances close together causes a large heat source, affecting the device’s durability and threatening your whole family’s safety by easily causing an electric shock, fire, or explosion.

If you find that the electric grill does not work because of a problem, you do not repair or disassemble the parts yourself to avoid causing more serious damage, and the components are not assembled. 

This issue may cause electrical leakage, and deformation of utensils, even causing certain dangers to users. At these times, quickly bring the electric grill to the nearest repair center.


The best way to create a non-stick surface on this grill is to season it with some seasoning. To prepare your grill for seasoning, apply a proper seasoning method and the correct oil.

Turn the grill to a place with high smoke. Take some cooking oil and spread it evenly on the preheated grill until completely submerged. Make sure you wipe off excess fat. 

Get all faces, fronts, and corners of the surface. Make sure the oil heats up, and the grill surface turns color. Apply a second coat before turning it off to cool.

While Cooking

Meat and poultry cooked with this appliance usually brown very quickly on the outside. Use a meat thermometer to ensure food has reached a safe internal temperature and cut into food to check for signs of doneness visually. 

When reheating takeaway food or fully cooked meats such as hot dogs, cook to 165°F / 74°C or until slightly hot. It can easily catch fire if you let many greases accumulate in the drip pan while cooking.

You need to grill hotdogs at an appropriate temperature – Source: Youtube (1:56)

Moreover, you do not move the device while in use. Allow the crucible to cool to 115°F (45°C) before moving or storing. You should use non-metallic utensils, long handles, and oven gloves to prevent burns and splashes, and do not let electrical parts come into contact with water.

Many people save time by putting multiple foods on the grill at once. This action causes food to spill, overflow the thermostat, damage the device, or short the electrical outlet, affecting the life of the device. Moreover, too much food also causes grease to shoot out, endangering yourself.

What Should I Do After Cooking?

The best way to clean a Blackstone grill is to start with the cooktop and then move on to the outside. So before moving on to other sections, give it all your time and energy.

Before your new Blackstone grill is used for the first time, it must be cleaned and seasoned to remove residue from the manufacturing process as well as dust accumulated during shipping. It would help if you also cleaned the grill after each cooking to ensure it operates at peak efficiency.

Another reason to clean your flat-panel grill is if it’s rusted. However, if the rust is heavy, scrape off the entire layer of seasoning and scrub it thoroughly with a baking stone.

After cooking, a little oil, a metal scraper, and a little steam will help you clean the residue from your grill. A small amount of water on a hot grill will steam and loosen food that you can scrape out. Remember to apply a thin layer of oil to prevent rust.

You only need soap when you clean your Blackstone grill for the first time. The first layer of seasoning is very important for a perfect non-stick stove. If not thoroughly cleaned and seasoned for the first time, the grill will stick, causing the food to burn on the stovetop.

Cooking on the Blackstone Griddle FAQs

Do I Have To Clean My Blackstone Every Time I Use It?

Certainly yes. Clean the grill after each use with a paper towel and hot water. When you have used the grill for the first time, each time you use it after that, it will add a layer of oil, so you should never wash it with soap.

Use a cooking shovel to scrap food marks on the grill surface lightly, then wipe them off with a dry paper towel. Get a 2-liter bucket of hot water to wash for food marks that are difficult to clean. Pour water over the stains and let it sit for 5 minutes, then wipe it off with a paper towel.

How Long Should I Let The Blackstone Heat Up?

Preheat your grill to its highest setting and leave it to heat enough for about 20 minutes. When the grill is hot, brush it with 3 tablespoons of fatty oil, like vegetable oil, virgin olive oil, or pork fat.

Spread that oil evenly over your grill and allow it to heat for 20 minutes until it begins to fume. Allow the grill to cool for about ten minutes before doing it again until the griddle can be dark brown. Complete by cleansing it down using a little grease to avoid rust.

Should I Oil My Blackstone Before Every Use?

Before grilling anything, you should oil the grill to create a non-stick layer, enhance the dish’s flavor and prevent scratches.

High-fat kinds of oil products include shea butter, vegetable oil, flaxseed oil, coconut, or olive oil. If desired, lard can be substituted.

Furthermore, for optimal bonding, use oils high in fatty acid. Eliminate trans fatty acid-containing products linked to many health issues such as liver dysfunction, weight gain, and coronary artery.

What happens If I Don’t Season The Blackstone Griddle?

A thorough seasoning process is key to a durable and non-stick mesh. You should maintain the grill and sprinkle the seasoning so that your cooking surface is not slippery and rusty.

Can I Leave My Blackstone Griddle Outside?

You can store the grill in a cool, dry place and cover it. Securely wrap the grill for better rust prevention and damage prevention. 

Avoid storing the grill in a hot, humid place, as it can change the grease on the grill. It’s a good idea to keep the grill in a shipping bag, especially if you’re leaving it outdoors. You can also unzip the bag about 5-10 cm to prevent rust.


If you’re a grilling fan, you’ve heard of the famous Blackstone Griddles. More importantly, we gave you all the tips for learning how to use a blackstone griddle. We hope you will have the best-grilled food and a wonderful time with your family.

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