How To Clean A Blackstone Griddle After Cooking?

Cleaning Blackstone griddle is quite easy with the right tools. You can use a simple scourer to a wire brush to clean this surface.

However, it is important to remember that some cleaning materials might scratch the surface, so you need to be careful about which material you use.

This writing will take a closer look into how to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking.

What To Clean A Blackstone Griddle With?

The answer is simple: a damp sponge. There are a few reasons why this method is effective. The first is that it’s easy to clean.

A damp sponge can quickly sweep the grill’s surface and clean it in seconds. It’s also a cheap cleaning method that anyone can find. 

cooking on blackstone griddle

Everyone has a sponge and water in their home or apartment. Also, no harsh chemicals can potentially damage the skillet’s surface.

Or you can also have a mixture of vinegar and water. It would be best to use a sponge to wipe the mixture on the grill and wash it off.

The oil will be lifted from the grill, and the skillet will remain clean and grease-free. Consult the manufacturer’s manual.

For a tough case, to clean any type of skillet, including a Blackstone Griddle, you can have a Brute Stainless Steel Scrubber, an Oven, and an Oven Mitt.

Put the grill on the stove at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes. Put on the Oven Mitt, use the Scrubber to scrape the grill, and then wipe clean with a warm, wet cloth. And you are done.

How To Clean A Blackstone Griddle After Cooking?

Normal Cleaning

To keep your griddle maintained at the best status, it is best to give it a good scrub every couple of uses. Blackstone has a brand of scraper that does this job very well at a very low price.

To prevent wearing out your warranty like the novices without knowledge do, I recommend only using their tools! 

How To Clean A Blackstone Griddle

Allow your grill to cool completely, then use warm water and wipe down with a cloth. Avoid using soapy water on your grill as this often causes streaks and can degrade the quality of its surface over time, which is why we always try to be cautious with our natural resources.

Blackstone cooking products should be allowed to dry out completely after they’ve been used.

Never store a Blackstone cooker indoors with water left inside or in contact with the ground where the water can easily penetrate the gaps of your cooker and collect underneath, as this will eventually lead to rusting and corrosion. 

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Avoid cleaning chemicals as these are not only hazardous, but they could leave unpleasant flavors in your meat too!

Make sure to be careful with your scrubbers as well. On top of this, make sure you’re using non-abrasive scrubs, too, because some types of scrubbers may damage the surface of your griddle and other cookware.

Be careful about which ones you choose, and avoid abrasive or hard particles that might scratch off the surface and ruin your griddle’s coating over time!

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Deep Cleaning

You should carefully clean the tool. The grill needs to be cleaned regularly because the grease from the meat cooked on top will stick to it. 

When it’s left unchecked over time, it can melt onto the surface and continue to cook, which is an unsafe situation resulting in unwanted smoke, flare-ups, and a nasty taste imparted into your meat.

It’s also not pleasing to have a dirty grill. 

Mold spores can develop where food residue is left behind by escaping onto other foods during grilling, which ruins their freshness and flavor.

Cleaning Burner

The burners on your Blackstone grill are the ones that function to heat the grill’s surface and enable you to cook your food.

They are a crucial component of the entire structure, but it is important to keep them well-maintained. 

First, detach the top piece from the bottom to properly clean your burner.

There should be latches that can be loosened with a screwdriver or another tool for this purpose. 

Once successfully detached, remove the burner guards and put them in a tub of warm water with some soap added – simply use a sponge to wipe them down and then leave them out to dry once finished rinsing.

A Blackstone Griddle

Be sure not to submerge any other parts of the grill in water or other liquids, as this could damage their integrity if too much pressure is applied!


A Blackstone griddle is a great tool in the kitchen. It provides a large cooking surface, can be used on any stovetop, and can be used to fry, simmer and bake.

Blackstone griddles are made of aluminum, easy to clean, and durable. Hope the above simple steps on how to clean a Blackstone griddle after cooking have been a great help to you.

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