Blackstone Vs Pit Boss Griddle: Which Is Better?

Preparing a griddle (such as a Pit Boss or Blackstone) will be a perfect alternative to the standard grill if you plan to cook outdoors.

However, choosing a product with suitable results is never an easy feast, whether you are a newbie or someone with a lot of experience in cooking.

So, which is better for you to choose between the Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddle?

If you’re still confused about this, scroll down to find out the answer in a more comprehensive and detailed insight!

Blackstone Vs Pit Boss Griddle: Which Is Better?

Products from Pit Boss and Blackstone brands will sometimes confuse buyers because it is too difficult to choose a better griddle. But now it’s not a big deal anymore.

Blackstone griddle – Source: Amazon

Individual Burners

The individual burners create more cooking space, allowing you to finish multiple dishes at once.

In addition, you can freely adjust the temperature and variety of cooking modes to suit the dish, such as stewing, frying, and grilling.

Source: Grill Cuisines 

Both of the above products are very fortunate to have this great feature.

Still, each product has a unique design of individual burners based on the brand.

Let’s talk about the Pit Boss griddle’s four-burner design on the cooking surface.

It consists of three straight burners, while the other is U-shaped and located on the left-hand side. 

Meanwhile, Blackstone’s product serves you with four straight burners spread across the cooking surface.

Once activated, the Blackstone will heat up at a faster and more uniform rate than its opponent.

Therefore, Blackstone’s four-burner design is suitable if you are looking for a griddle that works like a charm and doesn’t spend a lot of time waiting.

Cooking Performance

In terms of cooking surface area, they all have the same cooking surface (about 720 to 750 square inches and 36 inches in length).

We consider this measurement to be more than enough for you to complete your picnic dishes.

That said, the material used for the cooking surface of the two products is a bit different.

Pit Boss manufacturers equip their products with extremely durable cast iron cooking surfaces. 

This design also makes the product work wonders for cooking dishes with large surfaces, such as chunks of meat and whole steaks.

Not to mention, such a construction saves you quite some gasoline and time.

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On the other hand, Blackstone’s products are made from heat-rolled stainless steel, which conducts heat extremely well.

Its fast heating speed is ideal for dishes that must be grilled quickly, such as sausages and thinly sliced ​​meat.

Yet, this steel design gives it one point in terms of durability yet sacrifices its lightweight housing.

We highly recommend the Pit Boss product in this category as it offers very good heat retention while consuming less fuel than the competition.

Longevity and powerful performance are also two factors that receive buyers’ attention before making a final decision. In this regard, we’d like to vote for Blackstone rather than its rival.

The gadget can generate a capacity of 24,000 BTUs, while the Pit Boss can only reach 18,000 BTUs.

It means Blackstone will serve you with an evenly cooked dish in a shorter time, while the Pit Boss will be slower and slightly weaker.

Besides, Blackstone once again scored because some of its product models are also equipped with hoods.

This part plays a role in ensuring a uniform cooking temperature between dishes and limits odors affecting the surrounding environment.

Design And Build

When choosing the right griddle, one of the biggest concerns for buyers is the size of the product.

Regarding this, we think the Pit Boss will shine in the eyes of buyers more than its competition.

Pit Boss Griddle – Source: Amazon

The Pit Boss product weighs about 27 pounds and measures 20.47 × 17.32 × 10.83 inches.

Meanwhile, its Blackstone rival seems slightly bulkier at 32 pounds and measures 22.5 × 19 × 9 inches.

Both are still easy to transport to campsites despite the size and weight difference.

It is worth noting that the Pit Boss griddle has a canopy design, while its opponent does not have this amazing ability built-in.

This design comes in handy in preventing external factors from affecting the food you are cooking, such as wind, sun, and even dirt.

If your picnic spot is a bit harsh, then products with canopy design deserve the top priority.

Outdoor conditions require griddles to be of a material good enough to withstand external influences and other problems.

The manufacturers of the two brands have realized this and paid great attention to the texture and materials of their products.

Specifically, both products are made from stainless steel with extremely sturdy construction, suitable for enduring high temperatures from the cooking process.

Once you lock the wheels of the two products, they will not cause any inconvenience swaying movements.

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The Blackstone still deserves a slightly higher rating than its rivals for sturdiness. After the experience of cooking with these two griddles, we found that the legs of the Pit Boss, although made of stainless steel, are quite thin and easy to wobble if you intentionally apply a large force.

The Blackstone model allows you to shorten its legs for more convenient transportation by pickup truck or car.

The handle design also makes moving to the ideal picnic range easier than you think.

Contrary to the Blackstone, you cannot find any handles mounted on the Pit Boss candidate, making it difficult to move.

After all, a Blackstone certainly won’t let you down if you’re looking for a convenient griddle with high portability.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Although their surface composition is different, the two products are quite easy to clean.

Therefore, it is an uphill struggle to judge which one has the upper hand in this respect.

Before cooking, you should brush a thin layer of oil all over the cooking surface.

That is convenient for cooking and makes cleaning afterward a lot easier.

Blackstone products with grease trays and handles win customers’ hearts, while its competitors were not equipped with handles.

That said, the cleaning should not cost you much time as follows.

First, use a spoon or chopsticks to remove any leftovers stuck to the cooking surface. Then, remove the grill and proceed with the cleaning.

It is best to use soap to get rid of stains and rinse thoroughly with water, then allow the parts to dry completely.

Finally, reassemble them tightly for future use. That’s how you can keep your products clean and durable.

Quick Rundown of Blackstone Griddle


  • Powerful capacity
  • Ideal design for portability
  • Sturdy material for better longevity
  • Cook food evenly and quickly
  • Can handle large food


  • Average fuel economy
  • Not serve with the canopy design
  • Heavyweight

Quick Rundown of Pit Boss Griddle


  • Energy saving
  • Compact size
  • Ideal price


  • Poor capacity
  • Handleless design

Final Verdict

Two products from Blackstone and Pit Boss brands promise to bring great outdoor cooking experiences.

But if you still have no idea what to choose, follow our recommendation – the Blackstone griddle due to its outstanding features, large capacity, and smart design.

Among Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddle, which is the most suitable product for you? After this article, we hope you will find this question no longer a problem anymore.

Follow the recommendation and enjoy your picnic. See you in the next articles!

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