How To season A Blackstone Griddle: Complete Guide

The Blackstone Griddle is very popular because of its ease of use. It is possible to bake a lot of delicious dishes at the same time because of the large surface and high temperature. However, not everyone knows how to make the grill the most durable.

It must go through the seasoning process to make the most of the Blackstone griddle. This article will cover the most important information about how to season a Blackstone griddle.

What Does Seasoning Mean? 

Seasoning is a method of using oil to create a protective layer for the grill. It also applies to many other kitchen utensils, not just the griddle.

This is an easy and safe method if you choose the right kind to eat. At the same time, you also need to do this process correctly to create high efficiency.

The Blackstone Griddle
The Blackstone Griddle

If you don’t season the grill, the food can get stuck on the surface, making it difficult to clean. At the same time, your cooking experience is also not good.

This method is popular and used by many people, taking about 1 hour to complete. Even it’s not difficult and helps protect your griddle. 

Is It Necessary To Season A Blackstone Griddle?

As mentioned above, the seasoning process benefits the Blackstone griddle. First, it creates a protective layer, preventing food from sticking to the grill. The cooking process, as well as the cleaning process, will be much easier.

Since there is already a protective layer, the grill can extend its life. A griddle that gets a regular season will be much more durable.

Those are the reasons why the Blackstone griddle needs a regular season. 

Griddle Seasoning Tools

Tools used in the seasoning process are simple. First, you need a scraper to clean the surface of the Blackstone Griddle. It’s a small tool with a flat surface for removing the crust and sponge and stone sides. Do not use soap to clean the grill.

A scraper.

You need an oil that can be cooked over high heat. We recommend avocado oils because they can be cooked over high heat and are comfortable to use. However, you can use any type you want.

Last but not least, a clean towel and tongs are needed. You can replace the towel with issues as long as it’s clean.

6 Steps To Reseason A Blackstone Griddle 

Step 1: Heat The Blackstone Griddle

To season the grill, you must first clean it. Heat the griddle is important for the cleaning process. If you don’t do it, you might have to do much more work than needed. Let’s heat every burner for a few minutes before cleaning the Blackstone griddle. 

Heating the Blackstone griddle will make it easier to clean but also dangerous. So wear thick gloves and be careful when cleaning it.

Step 2: Scrape The Crust

Use the flat surface of the prepared scraper and then scrape the crust. The heat of the griddle will make it easier to scrape it. You don’t need to try to scrape off all the crust at this step.

Step 3: Spray The Blackstone Griddle With Water

When the grill is still hot, spray the Blackstone griddle with water. Water combined with the temperature on the griddle surface will loosen the dirt layer. At this point, use the scraper to scrape off the crust. Repeat this process a few times until the Blackstone griddle is completely clean.

Season A Blackstone Griddle
Season A Blackstone Griddle

You can also use the sponge surface of the scraper to clean the grill. 

Step 4: Oil The Blackstone Griddle

Once the grill surface is completely clean, you can start seasoning. Wait for the surface to dry completely and reach a high temperature. When the Blackstone griddle heats up and starts to smoke, that’s when the temperature is right.

The smoke point is the temperature at which cooking oil decomposes and produces smoke. The smoke point is important because it can affect the taste of your food, and you want to ensure you’re using an oil that is not breaking down into carcinogenic molecules.

The avocado oil. Source: Google images

That’s why we recommend avocado oil. It is very safe for your health.

Then use a paper towel to absorb the oil, then use tongs to spread the oil evenly over the entire surface of the grill. Let the oil cook for 15 minutes. Repeat this process twice.

Step 5: Remove The Excess Oil On the Surface

Once you’ve completed the steps above, wait for the griddle to cool completely. Then, use a clean towel to wipe away the excess oil. Remember to let the griddle cool completely to avoid burns.

Step 6: Clean Other Surfaces Of The Griddle

Once you’ve completed the steps above, use any cleaner you like to clean its other surfaces. Places like the knob are often easy to forget and get dirty. The sides of the griddle also need to be cleaned.


How Often To Season The Blackstone Griddle?

You should season the Blackstone griddle after each use. As mentioned above, you should season it right after you clean it with hot water. This process gives the Blackstone griddle a protective layer, making it ready for the next use. 

Remember to clean the Blackstone griddle after you use it, or the crust will stick and be difficult to remove.

If you use the grill after a long time of not using it, you’d better season it before using it. Both to clean dirt and to make it non-stick better.

Can I Cook On My Blackstone Right After I Season It?

After the seasoning process, the grill is ready for you to use. Don’t worry about excess oil. Avocado oil is completely safe for health. This is also why you cannot use soap to wash the griddle. It can affect the taste of your food as well as your health.

What Happens If You Don’t Season Your Blackstone Griddle?

As mentioned above, seasoning your Blackstone griddle creates a protective layer on its surface. If your grill doesn’t have this protective layer, it will lose its non-stick ability. The crust is very sticky and difficult to scrape off. 

Next time using it, your experience will not be good. Over time, the Blackstone griddle will be broken.

Why Is My Blackstone Sticky After Seasoning?

That sticky layer is created by the oil you use when seasoning the griddle. It is completely safe. It prevents food from sticking to the grill, making it easier for you to wash.

However, you should not let the excess oil leave too much. Take a towel and wipe off the extra oil. Only a very small amount of oil is gone.


We introduced a way to season a Blackstone griddle. If you follow our process, your grill will be very durable. We also answered some relevant concerns.

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