Air Fryer Toaster Strudel Recipe – Best Tips For You!

Find out these detailed instructions on “Toaster Strudel In Ninja Air Fryer” with some necessary tips and tricks for your delicious meal.

Our kids have started loving Toaster Strudel since we replaced the oven and microwave with the air fryer. You are wondering why and want to try to cook on this device immediately?

Don’t hurry! Spend a while looking at the simple guide below to have the best cooking experience on “Toaster Strudel In Air Fryer”.

What Is a Toaster Strudel?

The origin of the toaster strudel comes from America, although its name sounds like Germany.

This kind of pastry is thoroughly processed and produced. After that, it is mass-manufactured, then supplied to the entire-country grocery store, and finally, put in the freezer in the preserve.

Normally, people will follow to toaster strudel instructions below:

Open its packaging
Please put it in the toaster
Wait for one minute or more
Your result will be an excellently gooey and flavored pastry.
Homemade Toaster Strudel

Many people wonder: “Can you put toaster strudels in the microwave?” or “Can you put toaster strudels in the oven?”. However, there is nothing that can beat something homemade.

As you know, a meal made by yourself will always taste more flavor than a processed one preserved from the freezer.

Fortunately, it is easy and convenient to make a toaster strudel by yourself, whether in the morning or before evening.

With a dough ingredient named Puff Pastry, your toaster strudel will be on a new high level.

Delicious jam and flaky crust with icing may be more flavored than the materials bought in the market.

How To Cook Toaster Strudel In Ninja Air Fryer?


To know how to make toaster strudel in air fryer, you need to prepare the following ingredients.

Select any Toaster Strudels that you like best and buy one package or more if you want.

Open the packaging of the toaster strudel.

Place it into your air fryer.

Set your air fryer to 350 F degrees, and heat from 5-7 minutes.

Get your result on a plate to serve.

Let’s enjoy it!

How To Cook Pillsbury Toaster Strudel in an Air Fryer?

Here are detailed steps of “toaster strudel air fryer”:

Step 1
Cut your round of baking paper used for cooking 8 inches long.
Place it in the basket of the air fryer.
Use cooking bottles to spray baking paper.

Step 2
Using a 6-count box named Pillsbury Toaster Strudel.
Put two pastries on baking paper at the bottom of the basket inside the air fryer.
Put pastries left inside the freezer section and wait for the next turn.

Step 3
Set the temperature to 350°F, then start heating for about 5 mins. Remember to use your tongs to flip the pastries over carefully.
Return them to lay on baking paper.

Step 4
Continue cooking for about 3 mins or more until your pastries become a bit golden brown and completely get cooked.

How Long Do You Cook A Toaster Strudel?

Using Air fryer to cook for around 5-7 minutes.
Drizzle the icing on your pastries
Ready to serve.

As usual, keep in mind some tips. We will introduce the “air fryer toaster strudel” to you later.

Ninja Air Fryer Toaster Strudel Recipe Tips

Regardless of which materials you are using, below are some tricks for you:

Don’t forget to check whether you push the edges down well or not to avoid leaking out during the heating process.

Remember not to overfill your strudel because this situation will cause too huge and burnt pastries.

If you fill your pastry with cream cheese, the best way to make it more smooth is to add a little milk and then mix it with a scoop of other flavors if you want.

If you like deep-fried toaster strudel with a crispy crust, lightly spray a few oils into the side of the pastries

Set the temperature of your air fryer depending on its model and brand. You should carefully consult the temperature manual of your air fryer in case it doesn’t have the standard setting for temperature in the cooking recipe.

The cooking tips we share with you don’t suggest preheating the air fryer, especially when there is baking paper alone inside.

We highly recommend you should invest in trustworthy kitchenware such as a cooking thermometer.


Cooking toaster strudel in the air fryer may be convenient to fix a fast meal because they quickly prepare and get cooked. Remember to always check the compactness of your cooking device before using it.

Hopefully, you can find the “Toaster Strudel In Air Fryer” article informative and helpful to have a delicious result similar to what you are looking forward to.

Thank you for reading!

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